This is my story

Violence against migrant works

He tried to take revenge on me because I refused him as he tried to harass me. He took advantage of my vulnerability as a migrant worker. Because I refused to go to his house, he accused me of stealing a gold bracelet and money from his house.  His friend helped him and supported his accusation against me. I was transferred to court and my life turned to hell, fear, and desperation. My hope was renewed when the Justice Center for Legal Aid assigned me a lawyer who supported and defended me. The case was proven to be a false one as the witness’s statements were dismissed and I was proven innocent.

Since 2008, the Justice Center for Legal Aid has been provided information, advice and representation to poor and vulnerable people in Jordan. Through its vast network of partners, JCLA has been able to conduct legal awareness sessions nationally, enabling people to become aware of, and access, essential legal help they would otherwise be unable to afford.