This is my story

My father denied me lineage

I am 14 years old but I do not live with my family. My father divorced my mother, and does not want to admit that I am his child. I have no identification documents which stops me from being able to obtain any medical, or education rights. My problem began to be solved when care home contacted the Justice Center for Legal Aid and told them about my problem. The Justice center assigned me a lawyer and they were able to obtain a court decision that documents tying my name to my father’s name. Thanks to the Justice Center now I am able to obtain my rights and I have full civil documentation. 

Since 2008, the Justice Center for Legal Aid has been provided information, advice and representation to poor and vulnerable people in Jordan. Through its vast network of partners, JCLA has been able to conduct legal awareness sessions nationally, enabling people to become aware of, and access, essential legal help they would otherwise be unable to afford.