This is my story

I had to give up my rights

I come from a poor family, got married at the age of 16 to improve my living conditions, the reality was remarkably different than what I thought. I married someone who used to beat me and insult me all the time. He even abandon me and went to the US and filled a dissolution of marriage case. I couldn’t assign a lawyer and I didn’t know what to do. I had to withdraw my rights. Yet, and after a while, I visited a lawyer at JCLA who managed to prove to the court that I withdrawed my rights because of the social pressure. The court decided to resolve the marriage and obliged my husband to pay me a compensation to start a new life!

Since 2008, the Justice Center for Legal Aid has been provided information, advice and representation to poor and vulnerable people in Jordan. Through its vast network of partners, JCLA has been able to conduct legal awareness sessions nationally, enabling people to become aware of, and access, essential legal help they would otherwise be unable to afford.