Two Workshops on Mechanisms of Identifying and Aiding Victims of Human Trafficking

Date29 Nov ,2016

Amman- 20. November. 2016

The Justice Center for Legal Aid (JCLA) conducted two training workshops on the mechanisms of identifying and aiding victims of human trafficking. The workshops were conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, and the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department.   

This effort aimed at raising the capacity of government officials working in the Ministry of Labor, as well as reinforcing the principles of justice and rule of law. 75 investigators from the Ministry of Labor attended, while the trainers and experts were provided by the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit. 

The participants were introduced to issues of human trafficking under Jordanian laws, as well as ratified human rights treaties in the country. The participants also learned how to identify a human trafficking victim, and how they can aid a victim through referral and protection mechanisms.