Ma’an Municipality Expresses Gratitude to JCLA

Date13 Sep ,2015

JCLA received a letter of gratitude from the Greater Ma'an Municipality, thanking JCLA for the assistance provided to Municipality residents held in detention. In the letter, municipality president Mr. Majid Al Sharari AAl Khattab emphasised the importance of JCLA's role in representing detainees in court to ensure the application of fair trial standards. He commended the professionalism and tenacity of JCLA's lawyers.
JCLA provides its legal aid services (legal consultations, mediation, and representation) at 25 legal clinics, located in all directorates of Jordan. The services provided by its 48 legal consultants enable vulnerable people to access Jordan’s legal system as claimants or defendants. JCLA has continuously worked towards building a legal aid model that provides quality and sustainable legal aid services to vulnerable people in all areas of the law. JCLA provides these services indiscriminately to all poor and vulnerable people living in Jordan. 

Read the full content of the letter below (English translation):

A Letter of Gratitude to the Justice Center for Legal Aid

The President of the Greater Ma'an Municipality, the members of the Municipality Council, and the citizens of Ma'an would like to thank the Justice Center for Legal Aid and its representative Dr. Salah Al Din Al Basheer and its Executive Director Mrs. Hadeel Abdel Aziz Ababneh. We are forever grateful for their efforts in providing legal aid to the sons and daughters of Ma'an held in detention centres.

We thank them for providing high quality representations to those in need, and ensuring detainees receive fair trials in the court of law.

When families of detainees ask JCLA for help, its lawyers do not hesitate to defend the poor and vulnerable, ensure they have access to justice, and protect their human rights.

May all your efforts be blessed. May you always be giving and increase your services under the protection of His Majesty King Abdullah the Second son of Hussein may Allah protect him.

The President of Greater Ma'an Municipality
Majid Al Sharari AAl Khattab