Eligibility Criteria 2015

Legal Aid

An individual or family that receives financial aid from the National Aid Fund, Zakat Fund, or Tkiyet Um Ali.
An individual who is unemployed for documented health reasons with no other source of income.
Individuals working in a non-stable job; a seasonal or freelance job with no other source of income. Provided that the total annual income is low.
A member of a family with a monthly income below the appropriate income threshold relevant to the family size: 400JD for a family of six, reduced or increased with 25JD per family member less or more than six (eg 350JD for a family of four and 425JD for a family of seven).

JCLA may use its discretion to provide legal representation to vulnerable people who have one of the following circumstances:

  1. A person financially supporting more than six dependents.
  2. A member of a family that has at least one child at university.
  3. One of the person’s dependents suffers from a chronic illness or an uninsured medical disability.

*JCLA reviews the above eligibility criteria on an annual basis.

Cases that are not handled by the lawyers of Justice Center for Legal Aid:

Acquisition to launch issues.
Cases that may result in financial return, such as insurance cases or cases that may involve compensation to the defendant with the exception of cases that have a humanitarian nature.
Remove common issues with the exception of cases relating to the deprivation of widows and orphans of their inheritance or arbitrary deprivation of women's inheritance.
Drug trafficking cases with the exception of the events.
All brand-related or commercial cases, such as company cases or intellectual property issues.
Ransoming issues (dislocation), and claim in dowry with the exception of cases of humanitarian nature.